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Which is better for virtualization - VMware or VirtualBox?

Thanks for the A2A,
Some points are already jotted here, like cost(Virtual box has open source GPL licence and is free while VMware is a paid software) and performance( Vmware uses different optimizations along with binary translation and hardware assisted virtualization to speed up the whole process which Virtual Box cannot beat). But there are a couple of other important features supported by Vmware which are not present in virtual Box.

Some  which come instantly to mind:
1. Workstation's UEFI mode supports Windows which have a hard-core UEFI boot requirement, so you can have UEFI in a VM even if the host is legacy MBR. 
VirtualBox UEFI doesn't support Windows yet. You can still install OS X and Linux though.[1]

2. Vmware supports drag and drop from host to client(Host guest file system support and Guest Tools) and vice versa, UEFI boot and GPT drives and hardware passthrough of host computer(aka direct control of guest to host hardware e.g. webcam, fingerprint reader, WLAN and bluetooth). I don't think virtualbox has such a full fledged support.

All in all, It depends on the utility,
If you are trying to go in for a cheap, workable, "almost there" option, virtual box is good enough(I personally used virtualBox as a grad student for obvious reasons ;) ).
But if there is a requirement for a  better /sophisticated solution, then Vmware workstation/fusion is the way to go!
( I get it for free! Yay! Being an employee has its perks! )


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